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What Solvology Do

At Solvology, our ethos is common sense advice and support for a spectrum of business customers from SME to multinational. We take pride in referrals being our primary source of Business Development to deliver rapid and sustainable solutions to the most complex business challenges. Our approach is cooperative, collaborative and process-driven.

About Solvology

Business Solutions done the right way. When we deliver business transformation, we consider all the drivers of change - from the ground up. And we'll motivate and support you and your team to make the change. We select the right people, processes and technologies to solve the right problem at the right time - and enable your business to succeed.

Stephen Rostron

Stephen Rostron


Stephen has in excess of 40 years business management experience spanning a variety of sectors from small businesses to enterprise organisations.

Rob Mayo

Rob Mayo


Rob has a wide range of experience in businesses formed during a 30-year career, varying from start up owner-manger up to FTSE100 multinationals with a £100M budget responsibility.

Having had interaction with a number of business consultants in the past it was a refreshing change to go through a business review with Solvology, their approach was very much more open and informal than other companies we had spent time with. Stephen and Rob were genuinely interested in finding out about what makes our business tick and the information they gathered from their first visit was impressive considering the small amount of face to face and on site time they had.

This formed the basis of a very accurate and insightful appraisal which they presented at our follow up meeting, the content of which is testament to their attentive approach and subsequently how relevant all further advice and critique was to our business. We were looking for the process to offer advise in our thinking regards planning for the future of the business, ways we could improve our processes, how we use our resources with an eye on diversification and the products we offer.

Solvology gave us the fresh pair of eyes to do just this, something any business would benefit from and I’m sure ours will again in the near future with Solvology being our first port of call.

Stuart Taylor

Managing Director, Scope Packaging

What may seem to some as an unnecessary expense has, for us, been invaluable. Stephens patience, experience and ability to look at the fundamental building blocks of the business has empowered us to make decsions based on knowledge rather than gut feeling. This is not always comfortable but it is vital to shape our business and achieve the goals that we have set out to achieve. We have purpose in our actions, we set goals and are accountable for them. Rather than luck dictating the future we are taking control of it ourselves and are aware of where we want to be and the steps that we need to take to get there.

Natalie Clavier

Finance Director, The Beacon Group

During the last quarter of 2016, AJW Group contracted Rob Mayo to act as interim manager to (project) plan and manage the transition of AJW Engines from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales to the Group’s Headquarters near London Gatwick.

Rob’s responsibility was to communicate the strategic decision behind the relocation and to ensure exemplary customer service levels were maintained at all times throughout a relatively short transition period. His responsibilities extended to maintain both sales revenues and operational performance whilst fully engaging with AJW’s customers, suppliers and colleagues throughout the process.

Due to his professionalism, effective planning and execution, the Engines Team is now in place and fully integrated into the wider operations at AJW Group Headquarters.

Boris Wolstenholme

CEO, AJW Group

Stephen is a man of integrity with high ethical standards. I have always found his judgement sound and he is never afraid to challenge when appropriate. As a qualified executive coach, he has honed his verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening and facilitation skills; enabling him to influence those around him with sensitivity, or more directly if needed. His many years working at board level across numerous sectors gives the breadth of experience that, coupled with a keen ability to assimilate and analyse information, will add value to any organisation.

Mike Burrell

Director - retired, Priory Veterinary Surgeons Ltd