Non-Executive Directorship

As businesses reach a scale where the Owner-Directors recognise the need for additional insight and controls, the role of a Non-Executive Director becomes a valuable part of the organisational structure. For medium sized Limited Companies, our senior partners can be retained on flexible terms to assist your executive teams in ensuring business health, compliance and sound strategic thinking. At Solvology, our Senior Partners can provide insight, experience and guidance on crucial issues for your company. We are flexible on engagements and can be retained on any number of arrangements to suit your business. Call us to discuss your needs. At each of these hurdles, the drive and entrepreneurship that created the business in the first place comes under pressure, be it through capacity or capability and performance may have plateaued. At Solvology, we can help businesses navigate those critical stages. Our common sense approach, allied with years of real world experience, can help a business reset its priorities, allocate resource and support Owners, Directors and Managers and with specialist skills.